Frogster has announced that the namesake of the first chapter in its MMO, Runes of Magic, will finally make an appearance.The Demon Lord is part of the new public encounter known as the Varanas Nightmare. This instance is designed for up to 150 players, where the city of Varanas is afflicted with a curse that players must battle to stop the Demon Lord. The fight is in three phases, the first one requires players to close 20 dimensional portals around the city before the start of the second phase. Three world bosses then have to be killed within three minutes to reach the final phase. Failure of any phase results in the scenario restarting from the beginning.The third phase requires an organised group of players, as the last opponent is assisted by the Demon Lord, who heals his vassals. This encounter is the hardest content to date in Runes of Magic, so the loot is suitably epic. See images of the Varanas Nightmare below.

Paul Younger
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