How to use the Vis Wax machine in RuneScape

Runescape Vis Wax Rune Goldberg Machine Feature

The Rune Goldberg Machine is a Members-only daily distraction and diversion that can be completed to earn Vis Wax. Vis Wax is an extremely useful resource that is important regardless of the stage your RuneScape account is at. The Vis Wax machine can be used as a money maker or to stock up on Vis Wax long-term. Either way, completing this diversion every day is essential for getting the most out of an account.

Vis Wax’s most common use is to extend auras. Especially in PvE scenarios, best-in-slot auras such as Berserker and Ruthless can be well worth extending. Alternatively, Vis Wax can reroll and extend daily challenges, extend Divine Location limits, and add quick-teleport charges. All of these are useful when used correctly.


Making Vis Wax


  • 50 Runecrafting
  • Around 120k GP per run

Thanks to its wide range of uses in RuneScape, Vis Wax is always in high demand. This results in it holding a high value despite it being relatively cheap to create. In other words, it is a daily moneymaker that is guaranteed to work every time. On average, a Vis Wax run will net a profit of 900,000 GP. This assumes that all runes are purchased from shops and not the Grand Exchange.

The first step of making Vis Wax is heading to one of Gielinor’s many Rune shops. The best shops are the advanced ones, as they stock more runes and therefore take less time. The lower level shops work too, but at least four will have to be visited to earn enough runes. Most of the advanced shops are locked behind requirements, but the Void Knight Magic Store can be accessed on any Members account.

Runescape Vis Wax Squire Port Sarim Docks

The Squire can be found on the second to last dock in Port Sarim.

Go to Port Sarim and talk to the Squire at the second to last dock. Then head over to the west side of the Void Knights’ Outpost where the Magic shop is located. Other locations like the Yanille Magic Guild (66 Magic), Baba Yaga’s Magic Shop (Lunar Diplomacy), and Tutab’s Magical Market (Monkey Madness) work too.

Purchase the full stock of all six basic runes: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, and Body. This will cost just over 100,000 GP and should leave you with a full stack of 1000 of each rune. If this is your first time completing a Vis Wax run in RuneScape, head to another rune shop and buy out another set of stock. Any excess runes can be sold on the Grand Exchange afterward for extra profit.

Runescape Vis Wax Runecrafting Guild

With your runes purchased, the next step is to visit the Runecrafting Guild. This is located at the top of the Wizard’s Tower south of Draynor Village. The easiest way to reach it is by using the right-click teleport option on a Wicked Hood. A Wicked Hood can be redeemed for free by talking to Tam McGrubor in northeast Burthorpe.

Head into the central portal at the top of the Wizard’s Tower. Once inside, the Rune Goldberg Machine can be found on the east side of the guild. Interact with it and the Vis Wax creation interface will open up.

Runescape Vis Wax Rune Goldberg Machine Test Run

Fill in slot one as required and then test out which combination works best for slot two. Finally, rotate between the other four purchased runes to see which works best for slot three.

Each day the relevant runes to maximize how much Vis Wax can be earned will change. The easiest way to figure out what runes are needed on a particular day is to check out community-ran posts such as Vis Wax Fc V5 Combinations on the official RuneScape forums.

Slot one is always fixed and the same for everyone. Slot two can be any of the three, listed so be sure to try all of them. Finally, slot three is randomized for every account. The best way to figure out which rune to use is to complete slots one and two, and then rotate between the other four runes previously purchased. Whichever of the remaining four runes produces the most Vis Wax should be used. Occasionally, you may be required to purchase extra runes for slot three, but this is rare.

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