RuneScape War’s Reckoning buffs Slayer gains and removes death cost

Runescape War's Reckoning Slayer Update

On February 28, three new Slayer monsters will be introduced to RuneScape. These will serve as an expansion to the abyssal creatures, adding higher-level alternatives to the existing demons. However, to access each creature you’ll need levels 95, 108, and 115 Slayer, respectively. The requirements are considerable, so developer Jagex has introduced the War’s Reckoning event to help RuneScape players get there in time.

War’s Reckoning introduces a large variety of buffs to both Slayer and combat in general. Chief among these buffs is the 50% increase to all experience gained in the Slayer skill until February 28. However, this buff does not apply to ironmen or hardcore ironmen.


But ironmen will be able to take advantage of the double Slayer and Reaper points. Any Slayer or Reaper tasks completed over the next three weeks rewards double points. This applies to both the points gained for completing a task and points gained from reaching streak bonuses. For example, completing your 10th task in a row given by the highest level Slayer master in RuneScape would previously net 110 points. During War’s Reckoning, she will reward 220 points instead.

Furthermore, all death cost mechanics are disabled while the event is live. That means that you can die as many times as you want with no penalty. Not only will you not have to pay to get equipment back, Ring of Death charges won’t be consumed.

Runescape Abyssal Slayer Creatures Update

A teaser as to what the new Abyssal realm portal will look like.

Death cost controversy

The death cost mechanic has been a controversial topic in RuneScape. It exists as a gold sink to keep disincentive players from being reckless and dying during combat, but its implementation is flawed. With the best equipment equipped, death costs can exceed 10 million coins, making failure extremely punishing.

Jagex team members have previously confirmed they are seeking a replacement, but it’s unlikely to come anytime soon. In the meantime, events like War’s Reckoning work as a reasonable alternative to alleviate one of RuneScape‘s biggest problems endgame players face.

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