Runescape Wilderness Update Flash Events Alchemical Onyx Enchantment

In July, RuneScape developer Jagex introduced its Wilderness rework. Titled Wilderness Reborn, it changed the Wilderness from a dangerous PvP region to a challenging PvM and Slayer spot. The update was well received, but some players felt as though it didn’t do enough. In response to those complaints, Jagex is releasing another Wilderness Update for RuneScape that fleshes out the region’s content.

The most exciting addition is Wilderness Flash Events. Flash Events are skilling-focused events that are designed to give the Wilderness some non-combat focused content. The events run on a set schedule and have a variety of win conditions — all sorts of encounters varying from general skilling to special skilling, plus a few combat tasks.


Successfully completing an encounter will roll the new Wilderness Flash Events drop table. This rewards table contains some exciting items such as the Alchemical Onyx Enchantment, which can be used on alchemical onyx jewelry like the Luck of the Dwarves to grant additional benefits.

An updated Wilderness retreat is coming next week

The upcoming Wilderness Update for RuneScape will also include more. Three mini-quests are being released in the lead-up to the Daughter of Chaos finale, allowing you to delve deep into the Wilderness. The quests are required to unlock the third, fourth, and fifth upgrades to the Infernal Puzzle Box. One of these upgrades provides an XP boost to Brawling Gloves when used in and outside the Wilderness.

The Wilderness Update is coming to RuneScape as soon as next week. Jagex has confirmed that the update will arrive in the next patch on October 17. The Flash Events schedule will begin at 11:00 Game Time and finish at 23:00 Game Time. Once a full rotation of all 13 events is completed, the schedule repeats from the beginning. You can expect the community to create a tool to make it easier to keep track of what Flash Event is active.

Runescape Wilderness Update 2022 Flash Events Schedule

(Image source: The schedule that the Wilderness Flash Events follow.

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