RuneScape’s Fresh Start Worlds to be updated and given a new release date

Runescape Fresh Start Worlds Release

RuneScape developer Jagex is reworking the upcoming Fresh Start Worlds game mode. The new game mode was first revealed a couple of weeks ago, but the long-running MMORPG’s community was not impressed. The initial proposal featured several red flags that had players concerned about how the mode would negatively impact game integrity. To make the necessary adjustments, Jagex has had to push back the release of Fresh Start Worlds.

Perhaps the biggest complaint regarding Fresh New Worlds was that existing RuneScape players would have to create a new account to partake in the mode. This is still the case, but Jagex is now offering the option to use bonds purchased with your original account’s gold to claim paid membership. This gives players the option to fund their Fresh Start Worlds account without spending additional money on a separate membership.


Changes incoming

Changes have also been made to the exorbitant experience rates that were on offer. Previously, players would be able to take advantage of a four times multiplier to experience gained. Many considered this problematic as players could later convert Fresh Start Worlds into regular RuneScape accounts. Offering such high experience rates ran the risk of devaluing the stats of accounts in the main game. The experience rates will be rebalanced to avoid this.

Similarly, players also took issue with the boons. Boons are power-ups that will only be available in Fresh Start Worlds. Some of the most egregious boons doubled pet drop chance and awarded instant levels with no effort required. Jagex plans to remove these particularly strong boons.

Fresh Start Worlds Runescape Game Integrity Changes

The listed changes made to address the issues regarding game integrity.

Jagex also promised that all rewards from Fresh Start Worlds will be available to regular RuneScape accounts in the future. Specific details as to how these will be distributed were not provided, but it was confirmed that it won’t be via Treasure Hunter.

As mentioned, the release of Fresh Start Worlds for RuneScape has been delayed. It was previously set to begin on September 12 but will now get underway on September 26 instead. Old School RuneScape‘s rendition of Fresh Start Worlds remains largely unchanged and will still begin in October.

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