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Jagex Studios unveiled its signature MMORPG’s first-ever roadmap at the end of April. The big reveal of the roadmap was that a Zamorak boss fight would be coming to RuneScape in Summer 2022. Today’s update follows that, and brings the Twilight of the Gods quest to RuneScape. This is the latest addition to the Elder Gods’ story and the setup for the upcoming Zamorak fight.

The last we saw of Zamorak was in Eye of Het II, a miniquest released in January. Four of Gielinor’s most powerful gods used their power to keep the Elder God’s eggs from hatching. If they hatched, new Elder Gods would be born, consuming all of the life on Gielinor in the process. However, Zamorak turned traitor and abandoned the cause, leaving the world’s fate in jeopardy.


The events of Extinction followed with the Elder God’s eggs being hatched on the Ilujankan’s home world of Iaia. It was destroyed in the process, leaving the Ilujankan homeless. Twilight of the Gods continues RuneScape‘s most recent storyline by explaining where Zamorak went and why The World Guardian has to resist him.

Starting off

To begin the quest you will need level 80 Divination and level 60 Thieving. Also, the completion of Extinction, Broken Home, and the Eyes in Their Stars mystery are required. These requirements aren’t too steep, as Twilight of the Gods is only a master difficulty quest.

Upon completion, you will gain three quest points, 30,000 Magic experience, and 30,000 divination experience. Furthermore, once the Zamorak boss releases you will have a passive 10% damage reduction during the fight.

Have another go

The Zamorak boss will bring back the ability to reroll loot. After completing Twilight of the Gods, you will be given five loot reroll tokens. These tokens will also be earnable as drops from the other four Elder God Wars Dungeon bosses. They will function similarly to the reroll tokens from the Liberation of Mazcab raid.

If you’re planning to run Twilight of the Gods, then good luck on the Zamorak boss fight in RuneScape.

Runescape Twilight Of The Gods Zamorak Boss

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