Runeterra Celestial card breakdown

Welcome to the fourth and final part of our series where we have been covering each of the new Runeterra Celestial cards. The Celestial collection debuted with the latest expansion for the game, The Call of the Mountain. For more information on what the Celestial cards do and how they relate to the new Invoke keyword, you can check out our report on how it all works, as well as the first, second, and third parts of this series. We already covered two of the high-cost Celestial cards, Supernova, and The Scourge, in the aforementioned Invoke preview article. That just leaves the last five high-cost Celestials to cover. Let’s start off the final entry of this series with The Destroyer.

The Destroyer is a 7-drop unit with 7/7 and the Overwhelm and Spellshield keywords. Its effects reads: “When I’m summoned, grant me +1/+0 for each Celestial card you played this game.” This is another card that benefits from having played multiple Celestials during the game. Cards like The Traveler, Messenger’s Sigil, and the Golden and Silver Sisters can really help pump this card up by giving you access to more Celestials to play. The added protection from Spellshield is always helpful, especially on big units that are frequently targeted, and Overwhelm makes sure you can bring the pain.

Cosmic Rays is an 8-drop slow-speed spell that reads: “If you Behold a Celestial card, Obliterate enemies with 3 or less power.” This is another great addition for cards (like Messenger’s Sigil) that let you hold onto extra Celestials to Behold. This card can make sure that any smaller units on the opponent’s board are blown away, leaving your big guns to decimate the opponent’s Nexus. It also helps with cards that rely on support to gain buffs, as it targets them before they get their power-ups during combat.

Runeterra Celestial card breakdown

Fire from the heavens

The Immortal Fire is an 8-drop unit with 6/5 and the Elusive keyword. Its effect reads: “When I’m summoned, grant me +1/+0 for each Celestial card you played this game. The first time I would die, fully heal me instead.” This is quite simply just a better version of The Destroyer for only one more mana. This essentially makes The Immortal Fire a 6/10, as your opponent has to kill it twice. Plus, just like The Destroyer, having access to more Celestial cards only makes it stronger. Additionally, the Elusive keyword makes it far more devastating as it can easily deal 10 or more damage directly to the opponent.

The Great Beyond is a 9-drop unit with 8/8 and the Elusive, Fury, and Spellshield keywords. Its effect reads: “When I’m summoned, grant me +1/+0 for each Celestial card you played this game. I’m a Dragon.” Just like The Destroyer and The Immortal Fire, The Great Beyond gets stronger for each Celestial you have played during the game. But since it’s considered a Dragon, this means it can benefit from the effects of cards like Herald of Dragons and Dragon’s Clutch.

It also sports one of the best keyword lineups you can find on a card. Elusive for offense as well as Fury and Spellshield for defense means your opponent will have to dance around this card very carefully. Just like The Immortal Fire, it can easily take 10 or more damage off an opponent’s Nexus, making it one of the best closing cards in the game.

The last card we will go over is Living Legends. A 10-drop burst-speed spell that reads: “Fill your hand with random Fleeting Celestial cards. Refill your mana.” This card is great if you don’t have any spell mana, as it will refill your normal mana instantly. The maximum hand size in Runeterra is 10, so if Living Legends is the last card in your hand you can get up to 10 Celestial cards with a full plate of mana to summon them. If you can’t end the game after playing this card, you probably weren’t going to win in the first place. It is absolutely devastating once it hits the board.

Runeterra Celestial card breakdown

The power is in your hands now

As expected, this last batch of Runeterra Celestial cards has some awe-inspiring power and makes it worth building a Celestial deck just for them alone. With that, we reach the end of our Celestial card breakdown series. The Call of the Mountain expansion is out now, so you can play with the new Invoke keyword and all these powerful Celestial cards right away.

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