Those who played the Torchlight 2 beta and (especially) the people who’ve pre-ordered the game are eager to know when the title is actually coming out. In response, Runic has penned a lengthy post on its official forums going into detail about some of the (many) tweaks and changes that are being made to the game as a result of beta feedback.

“We’ve been deliberately vague on [the release date]”, the post states. “My hope is that if I give you an idea of what we’re doing, what it takes to do it, and the scale of it, it will make it apparent why that is.”

The biggest change appears to be the skill system, which is getting a through rejigging. Skills are “made available for investment by level” (as before), but there isn’t really a ‘tree’ in place any more. All passive skills have now been moved to their own section, too.

Tightening up gameplay is also important, of course, and it sounds like Runic has been doing a fair amount of this as well. The post goes into (fairly exhaustive) detail about tweaks and improvements to each ‘Act’ of the game.

Similar updates are promised on a weekly basis from now on, so you should be well informed about what’s going on with Torchlight 2 all the way up to the point when it is given a release date.

Source: Runic Games

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