Runic illustrates how Torchlight 2 has more of everything

In another update on the state of the game, Runic’s Travis Baldree has gone seriously stat-heavy to demonstrate how the scale of Torchlight 2 will be greater than that of the original. Thankfully, other wise people at Runic have turned this numbers-fest into a handy info-advert, which shows the increase in monsters, items, rooms and all the rest at a glance.

See it for yourself by … well, you’ve probably already noticed it, it’s right there.

Torchlight 2 is available to pre-order now for the PC, and still has a tentative ‘summer’ release date (but keep in mind that Baldree is of the opinion that summer ends in mid-September).

If you fancy watching Tim and I ramble our way through an hour of the game’s beta, then the following video will no doubt be to your liking.

Source: Torchlight 2 Site

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  • psyounger

    Dr00l. Must have!

  • Holograhamcracker

    Looks awesome.

  • James Joyce.

    Haha, catching up with DIablo II.

  • Eh

    And still all characters are client side so cheating will be rampant and the online play will go nowhere. What a waste of a game.

    • BlueBooger

      What you mean is “characters are client side so modding will be rampant.”
      Players can add their own quests, skills, dungeons, weapons. You can even make your own game. Besides, your logic is stupid. D2 had characters stored on the server. And it didn’t stop cheating and it still had years and years of online play.

      Admit it. You’re not very bright.