Russian Subway Dogs devs celebrate launch with dog-friendly donations

Russian Subway Dogs

There’s no such thing as a bad dog. Even pesky pups with a penchant for stealing peoples’ food fall into the Good Dog category. In developer Spooky Squid’s Russian Subway Dogs you’ll do just that. The side-scrolling arcade game puts players in the well-worn paws of Moscow’s stray dogs and tasks them with scrounging up some extra food.

Taking inspiration from Moscow’s notoriously crafty stray dogs, Russian Subway Dogs is all about collecting food, completing challenges, and avoiding hazards. The game’s launch trailer does an excellent job of showcasing the minute-to-minute gameplay; players bark to startle citizens and leap to snatch their food, all while dodging angry bears and exploding vodka.

Russian Subway Dogs launched with a Campaign Mode and an Endless Mode. In the campaign, players will travel along the Russian metro while taking orders from a kitty named Proletaricat. The cleverly named cat has special challenges, like completing levels by only eating vegetarian foods, that add additional layers to an already chaotic game. In the endless mode, players can hone their skills or compete for the top spot on a global leaderboard.

For a good cause

Russian Subway Dogs launched quietly on Steam earlier today. It’s available for $14.99, with a 10% launch discount. But perhaps most notable is Spooky Squid’s commitment to helping out real dogs by making a game about digital ones. Between August 2 and August 8, the developer is donating $1 per sale of Russian Subway Dogs to Save Our Scruff. The Toronto-based nonprofit works to prevent canine overpopulation across the globe. Save Our Scruff offers adoption services and care and rehabilitation for displaced or abandoned dogs. By purchasing Russian Subway Dogs, you’re getting a game and the knowledge you’ve helped a few Good Dogs.

In addition the Russian Subway Dogs‘ Steam launch, Spooky Squid announced a console release coming later this year.