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Comments on gaming sites border on the ridiculous much of the time and buyers of Rust were incensed when Facepunch revealed a new game on Friday.

Facepunch came under fire over the weekend after they decided to show Riftlight on Friday in a first blog post from Facepunch’s Adam Woolridge. All of  a sudden Rust players were up in arms because Rust is still not finished. How dare Facepunch start a new game when Rust is still be worked on!

Facepunch’s Garry Newman posted an update today to explain how they work and I can’t actually believe a developer has to explain this stuff to gamers these days. Amusingly called “Adam cancelled Rust developement” Garry had to spell out how the company functions and explain using a pizza analogy. Here’s a quick snip on his view on funding through Early Access from the post.

Secondly the whole funding thing. People aren’t going to like my views on this. Some commentators have expressed their feelings that they ‘funded’ Rust and we’re running off with the money. None of this sentence is true. We funded Rust for 1-2 years before it eventually became what it is. You bought early access to it. When you buy a pizza you aren’t funding Dominos, you’re just buying a pizza. It’s true that the sales of Rust have been insane and we have stepped up development to suit, and I think you only have to compare the experimental version to the live version to see that.

What many gamers fail to understand is that more often than not a studio will be working on more than one title at some point in a game’s development. Game developers are creative, they have ideas, and they want to test these with prototypes.

The comments shown in Garry’s update are from IGN so I guess we shouldn’t expect too much sensible conversation, but  what this does highlight is that there are still gamers out there that have no idea how the industry works. Their sense of entitlement is also quite unbelievable when you consider most loyal Rust players have already sunk hundreds of hours into the game which only cost £14.99. It’s also quite clearly sold as Early Access.

Rust is certainly not finished and there’s a massive clue that it’s still being developed. Facepunch post development updates every Friday. Some gamers need to wake up and grow up.

Update: This unbelievable petition popped up asking them to “Uncancel Rust”

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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