Rust gets new client and server update to stop DDoS attacks

Rust gets new client and server update to stop DDoS attacks


Facepunch thought they had the DDoS attacks sorted a couple of days ago but sadly it’s taken longer than expected to find a solution to the problem.

Facepunch issued a quick notice yesterday alerting players to the fact hat servers needed to be updated and posted a quick thanks to the early access players.

Thanks for sticking with us and being patient while we’ve muddled our way through these issues. The servers aren’t bulletproof, but hopefully we’ve made it a bit harder to completely take them down.

In a further update this morning they announced the release of a new server and client update to address the problems.

We’ve released a server and client update; Old clients will not be compatible with new servers, so make sure you’re updated on steam. It may take some time for the update to propagate through the community servers, however.

Remember, if you’ve updated your client, the server you want to connect to will also have to be updated. It can be a slow process waiting for server updates but server admins are getting there slowly but surely by all accounts.

It’s been a disappointing few days for players wanting to get stuck into Rust and it was incredibly bad timing with so many gamers having extra free time to play. Thankfully the community has been supportive providing words of encouragement and information to help tackle the attacks.

I would think that servers will stabilise now but Facepunch probably still have some work to do.

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