September 5th, 2017

Rust sells 1 million

Rust sells 1 million


Facepunch must be extremely pleased with their latest Steam sales numbers for Rust, the very incomplete game has now sold more than a million copies.

Garry Newman was quick to hit Twitter to spread the good news last night.

It’s quite amazing the success of Rust when you consider the way it’s being developed, a basic premise that is constantly changing. It was only last week that Facepunch decided that zombies had to make their exit from the game based on all the feedback from players.

I think the removal of zombies must have tipped it over the million mark, there’s too many damn zombies in games and to be original these days you have to not add zombies.

Well done to Facepunch for reaching this milestone, we can heat the champagne corks popping from here.

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