AMD may not be streaming their RX Vega launch this evening, but that hasn’t prevented some early information appearing. A set of leaked slides (which, if they’re fabricated, are pretty good) indicate the RX Vega line-up, and the card specs.

When all’s said and done, there will effectively be six cards in the Vega series. On the gaming side, in order of expense, there’s the Liquid Cooled RX Vega 64 (reportedly $699 USD), a Limited Edition RX Vega 64 ($599), a base/reference design RX Vega 64 ($499), and the somewhat scaled-back RX Vega 56 ($399).

In addition there’s the Vega Frontier Edition (already released) and Liquid Cooled Frontier Edition ($1,500 USD). Those two are not intended as mainstream gaming cards.

As expected, the base version of RX Vega 64 is being compared to the Nvidia GTX 1080 and 980ti in 4K and 1440p situations. AMD’s numbers have Vega with higher minimum framerates and basically equivalent upper framerates with the 1080. It will be best to wait for independent benchmarks though, as always.

AMD also appears to be bundling these Vega cards in ‘packs’ with other games and hardware coupons. The ‘Red Pack’ ($499) bundles a Vega 56 with a pair of games (Prey and Wolfenstein 2), the ‘Black Pack’ is an air cooled Vega 64, the games, and a $100 discount on a Ryzen 7 CPU, while the ‘Aqua Pack’ ($699) is a liquid cooled Vega 64, plus games, plus Ryzen coupon, and $200 USD off a Samsung ultra-wide Freesync monitor.

Launch dates for these cards haven’t yet been confirmed and, since this is stuff from leaked slides, it should be taken with some skepticism. It all looks pretty official though. Slides are below. That’s as big as they get, unfortunately.



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