AMD have confirmed (again) that their RX Vega line of cards will be shown, and will launch, at the LA Siggraph event later this month. This echoes the announcement made by AMD’s Lisa Su at May’s Computex presentation.

There had been some worries that the GPUs had been pulled, or further delayed, due to some slightly vague wording in AMD’s summary for the 30 July Siggraph show. It talked about the ‘Vega’ architecture in general terms, without actually naming the mainstream gaming RX Vega side of things.

However, AMD have now re-confirmed that the RX line will be part of the event. In addition, one of the Radeon marketing team has stated that AMD will keep their promise of an RX Vega launch at Siggraph. For those awaiting a proper look at this latest line of AMD cards, that sounds fairly promising.

The Vega ‘Frontier Edition’ launched last week, but it’s difficult to draw too many solid conclusions from what little benchmark testing has been done on these (review versions were not sent out). They seem to be aimed somewhere between the gaming and number crunching simulation workstation crowd. For what it’s worth, the coverage I’ve read indicates the Vega:FE’s are power hungry and sit somewhere between a 1070 and 1080.

Peter Parrish

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