Sabrent targets DirectStorage performance with new gaming SSD

Sabrent X Directstorage Gaming Ssd Pc Forza Horizon 5 V2

Sabrent is a well-known memory manufacturer that’s now pushing into the gaming space with a PCIe 4.0 SSD that’s optimized for Microsoft’s new DirectStorage API. The new Rocket Plus G SSD will contain brand new firmware that’s “optimized for DirectStorage workloads.”

PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs are already popular due to the incredibly fast read/write speeds versus traditional HDDs and SATA SSDs. What’s interesting is that Sabrent intends to take things to the next level by directly tapping into the DirectStorage capabilities of Windows 11.


This is the same API driving the SSD-focused architecture for the Xbox Series X. The purpose of DirectStorage is to drive faster loading times and optimize data streaming for smoother in-game rendering and better overall gameplay experiences.

Loading times be-gone

Sabrent’s Rocket 4 Plus G will be the first mainstream option to take advantage of DirectStorage on a firmware/software level for improved integration thanks to Sabrent’s O2 tech. As Sabrent lays it out, DirectStorage allows for the NVMe SSD to improve asset streaming by reducing CPU overhead. This removes the extra step of the SSD first talking to the RAM, then having the CPU decompress the data before it get sent back through the RAM and a copy handed off to the GPU.

While both of these processes involve data moving back and forth mere milliseconds between each other, DirectStorage opens up the throttle and widens the road to allow for a more streamlined, optimized transfer flow.

Sabrent Directstorage O2 Architecture Ssd Nvme ssd rocket g

(Image credit: Sabrent).

Premium speeds for a premium price

A release date has not been revealed, but we do know the details for capacity, actual speed, and pricing. The base model will sport a 1 TB capacity, scaling all the way up to 4 TB on the high end. Pricing is set at a premium: the 1 TB model will set you back $169.99 USD; 2 TB will cost you a hefty $299.99 USD; and then the 4 TB monster will take an appropriate bite out of your wallet at $699.99 USD.

For read/write speeds, Sabrent offers competitive specs up to 7,000MB/s. Combine the claimed DirectStorage enhancements with these specs, and we could have one of the best new SSDs that’ll handily meet the needs for new AAA games for many years to come.

If you’re interested in the The Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus G, the device can be pre-ordered today from Sabrent’s website. However, as always with new products that hold bold claims, we suggest checking out independent reviews first. Considering that Forspoken will be the first game to support DirectStorage, that means you may want to wait a little bit longer before shelling out for this premium SSD.

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