Saints Row 2, Dawn of War Ludicrously Cheap On Steam

Saints Row 2 and the Dawn of War series are part of the THQ daily deals on Steam today.Saints Row 2 has been dropped 75% to the frankly silly £3.75 GBP, while the entire Dawn of War series is 50% off. That means you can either pick up the Gold Edition, Dark Crusade, Soulstorm, and Dawn of War 2 for a piffling £32.46 GBP, or buy them individually for prices ranging between £6.99 GBP and £9.99 GBP.And it all comes well-recommended at that price. Saints Row 2 is a splendidly insane game in the vein of the earlier Grand Theft Autos, while Dawn of War is a brilliant real-time strategy series that just got a survival mode patch this week.