March 30th, 2017

Saints Row April Fools joke becomes reality

It began life as an April Fools lark, but now Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix is happening as an actual, real thing. In fact, it’ll even go beyond the realms of DLC and be a stand-alone expansion for the game.
Taking place after the events of Saints Row: The Third, Dominatrix deals with the dastardly plans of alien warlord Zinyak. Zinyak captures the leader of the Saints (hey, that’s you!) and imprisons him in a virtual reality simulation that resembles the real Steelport. It’s not real though, it’s …  the Dominatrix! Gasp.
The upside to this is that you’ll be given “freaking super powers” to use inside this virtual space, creating a bizarre meta-situation where you’ll be playing a game set in a virtual world inside a different virtual world. Trippy.
Most important of all though, it means there’ll need to be an internal inquiry into the scoring of the April Fools podcast quiz.
Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix will cost $30 USD and is due this autumn. You won’t need the original game to play it, but nor will ‘Season Pass’ holders get any kind of discount. It wouldn’t surprise me if more details emerge during E3.