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The hoverbike is one of the vehicles that you can acquire in Saints Row. It offers a speedy way to get around the busy streets of Santo Ileso, and you can even use it to travel safely across bodies of water. Here’s our Saints Row guide to help you get the hoverbike.

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Saints Row guide – How to get the hoverbike

To get the hoverbike in Saints Row, you’ll need to progress further in the campaign until you can rescue the Nahualli (yep, the same baddie that you captured during the tutorial).

Past this point, you should receive the “Corporate Retreat” mission. It entails driving around an RV with your four pals to have a fun and relaxing afternoon. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, as each location you visit seems to have gang members that are after you.

Srreb Hvrbk 1

Soon, you’ll take control of a hoverbike left behind by the Marshalls. You’ll use this to quickly reach the next spot, whereupon you’ll shoot down Idols that are making their way across the lake.

After that, you’ll need to defend the RV while it’s being driven by your companions. Blast and ram the vehicles of the hostiles to keep them off your tail.

Saints Row Hoverbike 1

Upon reaching the graveyard, the Nahualli will say that you can leave the hoverbike there. You may also pick up an SMG with 700 bullets in the clip inside the crypt. This will lead to a massive firefight against troopers from all three gangs.

When you’re done with the “Corporate Retreat” mission, you’ll unlock the hoverbike in Saints Row, as well as the Nahualli as a contact. As mentioned earlier, the vehicle has decent speeds and you can use it to cross water (instead of cars that just sink). Moreover, you can press the spacebar to jump so you can clear obstacles and get out of tight spaces.

Note: You can also acquire a similar vehicle, the hoverboard, after building the Eurekabator venture.

Saints Row Hoverbike 2

Saints Row is available via the Epic Games Store.

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