Saints Row reboot will have the ‘biggest customization suite’ of the series

Saints Row reboot customization

With the Saints Row reboot being revealed only weeks ago, the development team has now taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. In a recent blog post, the Volition team shared more details about Saints Row reboot’s extensive character customization options, co-op play, and more.

In terms of customization, Volition says the game will have “the biggest customization suite” ever in the series. Players will also get to customize their character, The Boss, to have anything from serious to extremely bizarre looks. You’ll even get to choose from eight unique voices (four male and four female) for your character. In addition, the reboot is also bringing back layered clothing to the series, which has been one of the most heavily requested features by fans.


As for vehicles, players will get to tune their rides thanks to a wide variety of expanded customization options. You’ll also be able to safely store your customized car designs in a garage for future use. While Saints Row‘s iconic fleur symbol and purple color scheme were absent from the reveal trailer and promotional material, they have not been forgotten. They will start to appear in the game as you make your way to “the top of the criminal underworld.”

Saints Row reboot customization

Team up with seamless co-op

We already know that old characters will not return┬áthis time around, and you’ll have to form your own organization from scratch. The game will introduce three new Saints with diverse sets of skills as they are thrown into the world of crime. Neenah, Kevin, and Eli will team up with The Boss to form your very own criminal empire in the pursuit of power and riches.

The game will also feature seamless co-op so you can play the full campaign along with a friend. Players with both newer and older hardware will also be able to team up and hop into each other’s game sessions at any time.

Saints Row is set to release on February 25, 2022 for PC.

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