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Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures guide – The basics

Let’s talk about the basics when it comes to starting your Criminal Empire Ventures in Saints Row.


The Networking mission

You’ll receive the “Networking” mission automatically while progressing further in the campaign. After claiming the church HQ and doing some tasks, the group decides to form their own merry band of hoodlums.

Your first recruit is your old pal, JR. He needs you to deal with some Los Panteros that have been harassing him. Follow the objective markers and take out your foes. Eventually, you’ll ride a monster truck so you can flatten and annihilate auto parts in a factory. Return to JimRob’s afterward so you can aid him against some hostiles.

Srreb Crmemp Vnt 2

The Empire Table

With the above finished, make your way back to the church HQ. You should now have access to the Empire Table (you can reach it by going up the stairs to the left as you enter the church).

The Empire Table is where you’ll construct illegal businesses all over the vacant lots in the city so they can generate cash passively. JimRob’s Garage is automatically considered a Saints venture. Likewise, the first establishment you construct is always free. Past this point, Empire Tier 1 buildings cost $30,000 to build, whereas Tier 2 buildings cost $100,000, and so on.

To increase Empire Tiers, you’ll need to place more enterprises in Santo Ileso, and you also need to complete their respective venture tasks. Some have only a handful that need to be done, whereas others have dozens of objectives.

Srreb Crmemp Vnt 3

Taking out threats

When a venture is established, the surrounding area on the map will have a couple of new icons. You can filter these by checking your map and looking at the “Ventures” tab:

  • Purple icons – These represent a particular objective related to that venture (more on these in the next section).
  • Red knuckledusters – These represent “threats,” or small packs of enemy mobs in the area. You’re free to take them out to increase the income generated by the related business.

Srreb Crmemp Vnt 4

Earning more cash

As for cash, you don’t necessarily need to revisit each establishment just to take your cut (they don’t actually turn into fast travel points). Instead, just use your character’s phone to withdraw the money that has been collected so far:

  • There’s an hourly revenue depending on how many businesses you have and their respective tiers.
  • There’s a limit to how much money can be deposited via the app, so make sure you withdraw when necessary.
  • If you feel a bit tired from all the grinding, you can just leave the game running in the background/while you’re AFK. Money is collected as long as you’re in-game, which means you can come back later to a lot of dough that’s waiting for you.

All right, let’s discuss some of the businesses that you can establish in Santo Ileso in the next part of our Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures guide.

Srreb Crmemp Vnt 5

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