Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures Guide Best Ventures Empire Tier

Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures guide – Examples of businesses

Let’s talk about some of the businesses that you can establish as part of your Criminal Empire Ventures in Saints Row. Some tend to have similar types of objectives (in the general sense), while others are more unique.


JimRob’s Garage, Chalupacabra, Bright Future, Wuzyerz Repo, and Laundromat – JimRob’s Garage is automatically considered a venture upon completing the “Networking” mission. Chalupacabra and Bright Future are both Tier 1 businesses, whereas Wuzyerz Repo and Laundromat are Tier 2 businesses. They all have something to do with grabbing vehicles and bringing them to a marked location (or driving vehicles to bring said objects there).

JimRob’s Garage is the most straightforward — you’re told to grab a specific car and to drive it to the garage. For Chalupacabra, you have to steal food trucks to deliver contraband, all while being chased by goons. For Bright Future, you’ll have to hijack toxic waste trucks and prevent the barrels from exploding. As for Wuzyerz Repo, it’s all about towing vehicles back to your establishment, whereas Laundromat is mostly about destroying them.

Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures Guide Best Ventures Empire Tier 1

Shady Oaks – This Tier 1 Criminal Empire Venture in Saints Row is something that long-time fans are familiar with. This one has you committing insurance fraud by rushing onto cars to max out your meter.

Cutting Edge – Cutting Edge, meanwhile, is a bit different. This Tier 3 business requires you to look for specific objects all over the city so you can take a picture of them. Mousing over the icon reveals a clue, such as a building or point of interest, where that object can be found.

Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures Guide Best Ventures Empire Tier 2

Eurekabator – Another interesting option is Eurekabator, a Tier 2 establishment. Once you’ve got it up and running, you can test prototypes of Marshall technology, which will then get added to your garage/equipment.

One task rewards you with the hoverboard, which has ground slam capabilities, while another gives you the Quantum Aperture skill, which creates a “window” that allows you to see and shoot through walls.

Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures Guide Best Ventures Empire Tier 3

Castle Kraken – This is a fairly unique Criminal Empire Venture in Saints Row. It involves doing a mission with Eli, who reveals that he’s an avid fan of live-action role-playing (LARPing). The game he plays is a cross between the traditional fantasy dialogue of Dungeons & Dragons and a post-apocalyptic setting. It’s also fairly hilarious given that people are just acting out.

For instance, you and your enemies all have cheesy dialogue. Even your takedowns turn into non-lethal variants (i.e., your punches hit nothing but air and you imitate pulling out someone’s heart akin to a Mortal Kombat fatality). The goal here is to eliminate the other houses so that Castle Kraken can rule supreme.

Saints Row Criminal Empire Ventures Guide Best Ventures Empire Tier 4

Getting to the very top

These are just some examples of Criminal Empire Ventures in Saints Row. You can unlock more as you continue to progress further in this particular mechanic. Sadly, it’s not tied to the campaign at all, which means the whole endeavor isn’t as meaningful as one would hope.

In any case, assuming you’ve built all establishments and cleared most venture objectives, you’ll unlock Tier 5, which has the Saints Tower building. It costs a whopping $8,000,000 to construct. When that’s done, you can talk to the NPC. This will lead to a special cutscene where the Boss and pals are celebrating with a bit of karaoke. You can watch the video below from YouTuber Benedict Gameplays:

Saints Row is available via the Epic Games Store.

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