Sairento VR releases in January with story campaign mode

Sairento VR releases in January with story campaign mode

The rather good-looking Sairento VR will be finally coming out of Early Access in January 2018.

The major addition to the game will the story campaign which will add a much-needed narrative to the title. Developer Mixed Realms says this is campaign addition is just the start of “much bigger plans” in the future.

The launch will also include a gameplay recording feature where players can see yourself play in third-person and it’s accessed via the record button on the wrist menu. More recording options will also be added including adjusting recording angle.

VR ninja fans should keep an eye on Sairento VR, we thoroughly enjoyed it when we previewed it earlier this year, and it’s probably going to be one of the VR hits of 2018. Now, here’s a trailer which previews the story campaign mode.

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