Sam & Max This Time It’s Virtual Vr Game Release Date Launch

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’re having a Sam & Max renaissance lately, it is good to see the boys get so much attention lately. Following the reveal of the first Sam & Max virtual reality game at Gamescom 2020, we saw the super sleuths return with the remastered version of Sam & Max Save the World. Telltale’s narrative adventure game had released about a decade prior, so it was nice to have it back and modernized. However, that still left the whereabouts of the VR game. Well, last week the release date for Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual some how slipped under our noses. The game is coming on July 8, first on Oculus Quest and then later to other storefronts.

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual sees the titular duo taking players for a ride — pretty much literally. You play the game as a pair of floating, helping hands, starting off in the back of Sam’s cruiser. Alongside the freelance police, you assist with solving their latest mystery, revolving around a sketchy theme part run by Cap’n Aquabear. Naturally, you’ll also be the butt of the duo’s jokes.


“Dive head first into the funky world of virtual reality as Sam & Max push you through their mostly-relevant gauntlet of training courses designed to test your mettle and break your brain… and watch out for the hidden menace lurking in the training grounds that may spell doom for us all,” reads the game’s description.

Sam & Max This Time It’s Virtual Vr Game Release Date Launch Screen

Mystery solving and shenanigans

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual is coming out first on the Oculus Quest. However, it won’t stay loyal to the device. The game is set to eventually meander its way onto Steam VR and Viveport Infinity before long. According to the publisher Big Sugar and developer HappyGiant, it’ll come with a $29.99 USD price tag. The game’s Oculus website contained a bit of extra information. Sam & Max VR will sit as a comfy 1.28 GB. And speaking of sitting, you can rest on your duff while playing the game, as it supports sitting, standing, and roomscale modes.

Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual will be available on Oculus Quest with a release date of July 8.

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