July 21st, 2017

Sanctum 2 DLC finishes off with The Last Stand

Sanctum 2 DLC finishes off with The Last Stand

Sanctum 2 DLC 4 - 03

Sanctum 2‘s scheduled DLC comes to a close today with The Last Stand, the fourth and final bit of content for the game’s Season Pass.

According to Anton Weinberg – the CEO of developer Coffee Stain Studios – this last DLC ramps things up rather a lot. The four new maps (one of which is a remake of Arc) offer ridiculously high Lume counts, but you’ll have new toys to help you cut those numbers down. There’s the hilarious-sounding Orbital Strike Relay Tower and the Rolfinator Defensive Turret, the latter of which you can actually jump into and control yourself. There’s a Smatterband gun that fires sticky bombs which explode like cluster grenades. And, inevitably, there’s a load of new perks.

You can have a gander at some screenshots and a trailer for the DLC below. It’s out now for £2.99, although it’s also included in the £8.99 Season Pass.

If you don’t have Sanctum 2 but fancy trying it out then bear in mind it’s in the current Humble Bundle, along with a whole host of other titles.

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