Sand, ho! Deadfall Adventures video takes to the Sahara

Sand, ho! Deadfall Adventures video takes to the Sahara
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I’m taking you down, statue of immense historical value and importance.

Nordic Games has released the first of three location-themed gameplay trailers for Deadfall Adventures, featuring some jolly jaunts through the tombs of Egypt. Why are there going to be three of these trailers? Because there are three main locales in this first-person, action-adventure game: Egypt, the Arctic and Guatemala. I know, since I’ve been reviewing the game for this very website.

You can expect to see that review next week, but for now enjoy the relaxing and beautiful cultural experience of visiting Egypt’s pyramids and … hold on, are those some Nazis over there? I bet they’re up to no good with ancient artifacts and suchlike.

Great, there are some restless undead roaming the corridors too. This is going to turn into a working vacation, isn’t it?

Deadfall Adventures will be released for PC on 15 November.

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