5 Live’s Syndicate-inspired Early Access title Satellite Reign is now quite a bit larger than it was the other day. A new update, excitingly named 0.4, has added a brand new district to the work-in-progress game.

According to the developers, this Industrial District “doubles the previous size of the game world.” This particular district is controlled by a Russian import-export arms business (Uzy Korporatsiya,) so you’ll probably be having to deal with fairly well-equipped foes.

This Satellite Reign update also introduces The Eternals; a religious movement who operate the City Surveillance Authority. Like the Uzy Corp, they’ll be patrolling their own compounds.

The update summary says 0.4 brings an improved User Interface (UI,) in terms of both visuals and functionality. It’s said to be a work in progress (hey, Early Access,) but on the way to fully revamping the entire HUD. 5 Lives add that there’s now a “system to stream the world into memory dynamically,” which should reduce some of the graphics card workload and improve overall performance.

A knock-on effect from this is an increased civilian population walking Satellite Reign’s streets.

Finally, there are some new techniques for your agents to employ. Hardwire offers a more “brute force” way of getting through security points, and ventilation systems can now be used by agents who wish to sneak around.

Satellite Reign has 20% off on Steam for the next week. Remember, it’s in Early Access, and it’s quite work-in-progress. Don’t expect a finished title.

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