Satellite Reign demonstrates 10 minutes of gameplay

Satellite Reign demonstrates 10 minutes of gameplay
satellite reign
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5 Lives have released around 10 minutes of pre-alpha gameplay footage from their Syndicate-inspired title, Satellite Reign. The game was Kickstarted with funds last year, and those who backed at the “alpha” level will soon be getting an early build to play around with.

As an indication of what players will be getting, 5 Lives’ Chris and his impressive beard have recorded a narrated walkthrough of what seems to be an early-ish level in the game. The trio of Satellite Reign agents is having to break a fourth member out from a police compound. Doing so involves hacking doors and cameras, scouting for secondary entrances, sneaking past security guards and tracing back power lines to shut off certain electronic devices.

Avoiding cameras and capture is (for fairly obviously reasons) advisable, because in gameplay terms this could lead to the agents being arrested, fined and having their weaponry removed.

The sneaking strategy goes out of the window after the solider is broken out of the compound, and Chris has to navigate a fire-fight with some security forces. Handily, this part of the video shows you the use of cover, grenades and certain special skills (such as healing.)

See the video for yourself, below.

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