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Warner Bros. Interactive Enteratinment’s Smash-like fighting game may soon see a familiar, evil face. The game’s roster is already full of well-known characters from multiple franchises, but a slip-up may have revealed that both Gandalf and Sauron are on the way to MultiVersus.

Twitter user @DwonkT noticed this in an official tweet from the MultiVersus account. The account showed an image revealing the Trophy’s Edge map and its alternative version. However, the image for Trophy’s Edge 2 shows something sinister in the water’s reflection. While it’s hard to make it out, it does bear a resemblance to the Eye of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.


The images cleverly crop out the top and bottom of the map, so we can’t know for sure what’s in the background. But it’s hard to mistake the bright orange reflection as anything other than the Eye of Sauron. This isn’t far out of the realm of possibility, either. A few months ago, a leak suggested we’d see tons of characters come to the game. Some of these characters include Rick and Morty, The Joker, and Scooby-Doo. This leak also indicated we’d see both Gandalf and Legolas come to the game. And now, we may even see Sauron make an appearance in MultiVersus.

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The more obvious hint that what’s coming is Lord of the Rings related is the tweet itself. In fact, the caption says, “Trophy’s E.D.G.E. is the perfect place for a game of I Spy.” If that’s not a hint towards the Eye of Sauron’s appearance, it’s hard to say what else it could refer to. Whether this suggests that Sauron will be a playable character in MultiVersus is hard to say, but we can likely expect to see some form of representation from the franchise.

Sauron might be coming to MultiVersus

Lord of the Rings fans have something to look forward to with Sauron’s potential appearance in MultiVersus. We won’t have to wait long either, as MultiVersus is due to release in open beta sometime this month. We still don’t have an exact date as of now, but we should hear something soon. The game is also set to appear at EVO 2022. So, if you’re interested in checking out MultiVersus, it looks like there’s a lot happening for the title in the next few months. Our hands-on preview shows that it has a lot of potential. Hopefully, it stays on track to be a memorable fighting game.

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