‘Save City of Heroes’ campaign appeals to Disney

Publisher NCSoft announced its intention to close superhero-themed MMOCity of Heroes in late August, with a final closure date of 30 November this year. All 80 staff at developer Paragon Studios were laid off. In response, members of the community have been pursuing a campaign (entitled ‘Save City of Heroes’) to rescue the game from closure.

The latest step in this campaign is an appeal to Disney, in the hope that the publishing giant will negotiate with NCSoft and take control of the title. To this end, a portfolio (outlining the business viability of the MMO) has been compiled by the campaign team and presented to Disney Interactive on Monday this week (26 November).

According to information published by Save City of Heroes, the game is the number one superhero based MMO out there and has more than 100,000 players.

“Disney has the reach to effortlessly give City of Heroes the exposure it never had under NCSoft’s regime of benign neglect–and City of Heroes will provide Disney with some extremely unique cross-marketing opportunities,” writes campaign member and co-author of the portfolio, Mercedes Lackey.

A letter writing campaign is being planned to support the appeal to Disney. For more information about the campaign, head over to its official website.

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    • The Quinch

      Hey there. I’d just like to thank you for covering the campaign – CoH seems to always have been the plucky, determined underdog of the superhero MMO and any help we get getting the word out is *immensely* appreciated. We all know that everything we’ve tried so far has been a longshot, and this is no exception, but despite its ambition, this may very well be our best one yet – Disney has shown it can make the most out of superhero genre, CoH would not compete with upcoming Marvel games, plenty of crossover and cross-promotion, family-friendly…. the thirty-one page proposal that got sent at mr. Iger and mr. Pleasant was loaded with hooks to catch their attention. Whether any of them actually connects, well, time will tell, but we’ll know that, even at the very end, we didn’t submit ourselves to oblivion.

      • Peter Parrish

        No problem. We actually talk a little about CoH and the campaign on the podcast this week too (which should go up tomorrow).

    • https://www.facebook.com/thomas.hughes.3511 Thomas Hughes

      Thanks for covering this campaign. We really love our City and would love to continue playing there for many years to come.

    • Lackey

      Thank you so much for covering this. Our basic goal is to make or break 100k letters. Can we do this? With help like yours we are going to try. And yes, this is Mercedes.

    • AngieB1974

      I am very excited to see this! I’ve been keeping up with the efforts and I have to say that everyone has been doing a fantastic job or trying to save our beloved game. It borders on miraculous. Thank you so much for covering this, Mr. Parrish.

    • HairlessRN

      Thanks again for your support of our efforts. And as an aside about the cross marketing …I’m a fairly recent player of MMOs they tended to be something my son and his friends did after I introduced them to table top RPing. By the way, the son is 29 and I’m 60. CoH was my first and favorite MMO.

    • CoH Eternals

      This may be a longshot, but the CoH community is strong! Myself and the entire Eternals -Super Group is on board with the letter writing campaign. We all would hate to see a game that brought us all together to go away…makes me very sad. I have played since the beginning with my husband and now both of our children play along with us and seeing the looks on my kids faces when they heard that CoH was closing down hurt my heart. Only time will tell if this will work out. Thank you for covering this campaign…it is greatly appreciated by so many!

    • Jason “Nero”

      Thank you for covering this story. This will be a great fit in the Mouse’s family. I really hope Disney sees the untapped value in this superpowered game. #SaveCoH 🙂

    • Thanks for the article.. come Disney save a City!

    • https://www.facebook.com/tammy.peppers Tammy Papacek Peppers

      I’d like to point out that Disney owns Marvel, which means they are already beta testing their own superhero game right now. It’s called Marvel Heroes. No, it is nothing like CoH, but it is still a superhero game, so why would Disney take on a game that would compete with what it already is putting out there? Plus, Disney would have been monitoring the MMO superhero game market already, so they would have been well aware of the situation with CoH as well as the others. I would think that if they would have been interested, they would have already stepped forward.

      • TheDevian

        Well, they could merge the two worlds, double the world and npcs, and fanbase, and income…. from what I have heard so far about the marvel game, they would be better off using coh as the foundation.

    • DamienRay

      Thanks for this article, and your support of SaveCoH !! C’mon mr. Mouse !

    • John Robey

      Thank you Mr. Parrish and IncGamers.com for your article covering City of Heroes (CoH) and our community of players and fans. I’d like to encourage your readers and all gamers as well as fans of comicbook superheroes to please lend your support to our efforts to bring back CoH. This is rather like trying to get original Coke back in 1985 just after it was replaced on market shelves by New Coke. Consumers were successful then due to the sheer volume and outcry and Coca-Cola company quickly brought it back as Coke Classic. CoH is likewise a classic, enduring yet fully up to day, rich in content with our latest update, Issue 24, in open beta at the time when it was closed by its current owner and publisher, NCSoft. We failed to get NCSoft to rethink their decision, so we’re making a pitch to Disney and may make similar pitches to any company who’d be a worthy custodian. We’re not huge like WoW, much less drinkers of Coca-Cola, but public fiscal reports don’t show City of Heroes as losing money; it’s estimated to generate approximately $10 million annually. Its value to kids, parents, grandparents, really all of the players and fans doesn’t have a dollar value. Something as simple as a postcard or brief letter, should enough people write, might make all the difference. Please consider supporting our efforts as actively as you can. Thank you, and Happy Gaming!

    • Quantum0

      Thank you for supporting our cause. City of Heroes is the best superhero MMO that also fills a niche that DC Universe and Marvel Heroes don’t. The focus with DC Universe and Marvel Heroes is to experience the many characters and stories that fill each universe, which only makes sense. City of Heroes has it’s own rich history with 8 years of content to experience but City of Heroes focuses on its player base creating a universe of it’s own based on the player’s character designs and stories. The City of Heroes player base are contributing authors of the City of Heroes universe. DC and Marvel let you play as the superheroes we grew up with. City of Heroes allows you to create and play the superheroes you wanted to create then or would like to now.

    • Jack Pott

      Good luck to all those involved.