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Can you carry over save data from the Sea of Stars demo to the full game?

From the pond to the sea.

Tuesday’s launch of developer Sabotage Studio’s new RPG Sea of Stars has gone over incredibly well, with both players and professional critics singing its high praises. Even so, not everyone will feel the urge to buy it immediately, especially if they don’t usually play many turn-based RPGs. Fortunately, a demo for Sea of Stars has existed for a good while now, even more so on the Switch, so players can easily test out the gameplay and see if it clicks with them before spending money on the full experience. Some might wonder, though, if any progress they make in the demo will carry over once they purchase the game properly.

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Does the demo allow for save data transfers?

After some digging online, it appears that Sea of Stars’ demo does not allow you to transfer any save data over when booting up the main game. So if you planned on grinding for experience points in the demo to give yourself an edge when going through the full campaign, you’re out of luck.

As it turns out, this restriction exists for a pretty understandable reason. Instead of placing you at the beginning of the game, Sea of Stars’ demo puts you about an hour or so into the experience, at the point where the game makes more of the mechanics available to you. The demo even strips away certain aspects of the story so you don’t end up spoiled by any important beats. Because of all this, it wouldn’t make sense to carry over progress when you haven’t even experienced the content that exists before the demo’s starting point.

The approach that Sabotage Studio took with Sea of Stars’ demo is a smart one considering how slowly classic-style RPGs tend to dole out their mechanics. This should allow the demo to serve as a better representative of the full experience, which in turn should let you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Sea Of Stars Demo

Image via Sabotage Studios

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