Pixel Art Parkour And Combat Arrives As Savior Debuts New Trailer (1)

If you are in search of a new action-platformer that involves some dragon action, Starsoft Entertainment’s Savior should fit the bill nicely. At the Future Games Show today, we got an in-depth trailer at Savior that showed how the beautiful 2D world works in terms of combat, movement, and story. Suffice to say, we’re thoroughly impressed and excited about what is to come.

In Savior, the world is at odds with the Chosen and Fallen and in need of some uniting. Guess who is going to step up to the plate? Players will have to do their part to heal this broken world.


How you will do that is through some great looking movement and combat. Movement is quick and snappy, and should be easy to pick up and master. Starsoft Entertainment promises movement with effortless parkour and pain-free intuitive platforming. You can swim swiftly like a fish. Everything just looks so smooth in the Savior trailer, and it is well presented in its art style.

For combat, however, things take an interesting turn. Citing Punch-Out!! as the inspiration, Game Director Weston Tracy explained the influences of Savior.

Pixel Art Parkour And Combat Arrives As Savior Debuts New Trailer (2)

The art of combat

Both players and the enemies are able to strike, parry, and dodge. The intricacies of combat really come to the fore when you have multiple foes surrounding you. While the early enemies are essentially cannon fodder, you will need to learn patterns and spot tells before going head to head with tougher opponents. Add to that an increased overall number of foes, and you will quickly find yourself at a disadvantage. You’ll need to take care of them quickly, lest they overwhelm you.

More is expected to come after this Savior trailer. The game does not currently have a release date, but Tracy did mention that the team is targeting a winter 2022 release.

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