Scalebound disappears from Microsoft site [Update] Game cancelled


The Hideki Kamiya directed title Scalebound, originally an Xbox One exclusive (but subsequently an upcoming PC release too), has gone missing from Microsoft’s Xbox site. A cached version of the original page can still be seen here, but heading to the url now just redirects to the main Games page.

In addition, a recent Microsoft puff piece touting its upcoming games for 2017 made no mention of Scalebound. Unusual, since it was due for release this year.

The missing page and lack of mention in the round-up are the facts, while in the region of rumour Kotaku are citing “several” sources who say the game is in big development trouble and may even be cancelled. When pressed, Microsoft have offered a very non-committal statement about having more to say about Scalebound “soon”.

Update 9 Jan: A Microsoft statement to press confirms that the game is cancelled. “After careful deliberation, Microsoft Studios has come to the decision to end production for Scalebound.”