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Last night’s The Game Awards show ended up doling out more trailers for games than it did trophies. We got first looks at a host of new game, including Dragon Age, and a reminder that BioWare is still working on a new Mass Effect. Between all these high-profile games was another smaller, more low-key trailer at The Game Awards for a game called Seasons.

Seasons, the second game in the works from Scavengers (the studio, not the game), places players in the shoes of an as-of-yet nameless kid. With his bike, old-fashioned camera, and an equally aged tape recorder, he rides around a familiar yet different world, capturing it before it fades away. The game’s art style is Breath of the Wild-esque cel shading, and its music certainly takes a few pointers from the Nintendo title as well.


The hands-on experience

I was personally extremely surprised to see Season at this year’s show, considering that I had only previously seen it tucked away in a corner booth at PAX East 2020. At PAX (which somehow happened this year), I had the opportunity to play a bit of Season. The game is as relaxing as you’d expect. There aren’t any giant monsters or battles — it’s just you, biking through the grass and over ruined roads, cataloging a region before it’s destroyed.

The demo I played took place in a valley, long populated by animals and people alike. However, the valley was doomed — a dam would soon burst, flooding the area and rendering it uninhabitable. During my time with the game, I recorded the moos of cows, sketched ruined buildings, and spoke with some of those inhabitants. Suffice to say, the writing in Season is just as beautiful as its visuals.

Sadly, there’s no indication yet as to when we’ll be able to play Season. The only good news in that regard is that the game will be releasing on PC via Steam, hopefully soon.

Otto Kratky
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