Anachronox is the oft-forgotten game from the Ion Storm trilogy (the other two being the memorable-but-for-different-reasons Deus Ex and Daikatana), but Tom Hall’s superb sci-fi noir RPG is an absolute treat. Now, it’s available all over again from the people at GoodOldGames.
Made with the Quake 2 engine (though it’s hard to tell, because nothing is brown), Anachronox throws you into the boots of a guy named Boots. Sly Boots, to be exact. He’s a private eye who’s down on his luck and deep in debt. Throughout the adventure, you’ll travel to exotic worlds and recruit even more exotic characters; from a grumpy old man (ok, that’s not so exotic) to an actual planet.
Pretty much the only down side to this game is that it ends on a never-resolved cliffhanger.
As ever with GoG releases, this will be DRM free and should run on all modern operating systems (Windows 7 64bit included). It’s priced at $6.00 USD. Here’s the official trailer from back in the days of 2001.


Paul Younger
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