Scott Hartsman returns to TRION as CEO

Scott Hartsman

Earlier this year Scott Hartsman left TRION much the surprise of the MMO community. Harstman had done a superb job bringing TRION’s MMO RIFT to the masses with one of the smoothest MMO launches ever.

Today he revealed he’s returning to TRION,  but this time he’s taking the top job as CEO.  In a press announcement this evening he added:

“We’re going to rapidly be laying the groundwork for a new strategy for Trion — one that’s closer to the foundation of how we’ve had our wins so far, and then extending that base into the enduring success this company can, and will, be.”

Most recently TRION announced they were changing the focus of their online RTS End of Nations which is now labelled as a MOBA, despite the original beta version being actually pretty decent. This indicated to us a lack of focus on projects in development, and perhaps focus is what Hartsman can bring to the table.

Hartsman should be a real asset to TRION and with any luck he can drive them forward.

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