Scottish games industry valued at £0 in new government report

The British government has released a new report on the Scottish economy, in which it claims that its videogame industry has a value of precisely £0.

Furthermore, the report states that there are only 200 employees in the Scottish videogame sector and zero students studying game degrees at Scottish universities. The report was commissioned by Creative Scotland and Scottish Enterprises, both of which are government groups, and conducted by DC Research.

Given the number of videogame companies in Scotland (including Rockstar North, Denki, Proper Games and Red Radiant) the research has clearly failed in its attempts to quantify both its value and employment numbers. As far as student numbers are concerned, courses at the University of Abertay Dundee have produced legitimate videogame talent.

This wouldn’t really be a problem, except that the government organisations involved oversee Scottish cultural elements and future funding decisions could well be based on information present in the report.

Full report.

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  • What a bunch of numpties

  • eric brighteyes

    i bet those companies feel really valuable within the industry now :0 how to ruin someones day.

  • DavidTheSlayer

    If Scotland separated from England into its own economy as they tried to do so once, the Scottish game industry would become a tougher place to be, reagardless of size, possibly adding more cost to things. I thought UK government take note of imports and exports and internal business etc so would be able to see some value in industry size? Can’t see how they missed it.

  • Parker

    To be fair this is news to me I didn’t know Scotland had a games industry. Good work on the degrees, that’s a lot of training opportunities for a small country but I bet they wouldn’t keep the talent. They would be snapped up by the US in a flash.

    • Eliza

      Did you not pay attention to the article? Scotland is one of the biggest countries on the planet for video games, we have Rockstar North, we came up with the Grand Theft Auto series and still make it. There are plenty of job opportunities for Game Designers in Scotland, contrary to that report it’s one of our biggest industries along with Oil and Alcohol. Hell, Rockstar North’s latest release just passed one bil in three days. Not everything is Americocentric.