Destiny 2 Black Armory Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide Insurrection Prime

Encounter #2: Insurrection Prime (Phase 1) – Tanks

The Scourge of the Past raid is what Bungie touts as akin to Rise of Iron due to how “metal” and “epic” everything is. And I don’t think anything’s more metal and epic than using actual tanks during a boss fight.

The objective of this encounter is to destroy the large wreckage in the middle to “awaken” the boss itself, Insurrection Prime. To do that, we’ll need to use tanks that can be spawned once all orb charges have been set.

Divide your fireteam into two squads of three players each:

  • Topside Team – any class, preferably with roaming or instant-nuke supers
  • Underground/Tunnels Team – any class, preferably with extra survivability

From the get-go, clear out the vandal snipers in the buildings. Next, lower the servitor’s health and make sure everyone is ready. You’ll notice an electrical barrier that locks down the pathways going to the underground/tunnels. Well, killing the servitor removes the electric field and allows your Underground Team to make their way down below.

Underground Team – Panels, Symbols, Colors

Destiny 2 Black Armory Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide Tank Symbol Panels

One of the panels for the Underground Team.

The Underground Team has the unenviable task of looking for panels (which you can see above) and checking for the correct symbol. There are four panels and four different symbols:

  • Square/white
  • Triangle/blue
  • Circle/pink
  • Broken (symbols keep changing)/red- causes a wipe if punched

When the Underground Team heads down below, make sure they look for any of the three symbols except the broken one/red. Each teammate will need to punch a respective symbol which will be theirs for the duration of the round.

They’ll also need to find a second matching symbol from the panels to gain two charges (enough to spawn a tank). Punching the wrong symbol (or the red one) causes a wipe. Symbols pop up at the four panels randomly each time so you’ll just need to keep looking for something that matches the first one that you meleed.

Likewise, players who punch symbols will gain auras just to mark what color/symbol they punched. If they’re close to another player with a different aura, they’ll see a “tether” connecting them and they will slowly die. It’s important to rotate clockwise to avoid any “crossing of the streams” so to speak. If you do need to pass by another player to look for your matching symbol, just run like hell to prevent any deaths.

Lastly, there will be mobs such as dregs and captains that spawn so make sure you have the tools to survive. Nightstalker invisibility, Voidwalker devour, and so on will help you immensely.

Topside Team – Shanks And Servitors

The Topside Team has an easier task. Once the first servitor dies and the Underground Team heads down below, they’ll need to watch out for drop ships. These will spawn elementally-shielded shanks. They cycle between Void -> Arc -> Solar -> back to Void again. That means you can have your guns, grenades, and supers ready to take them out. Given that killing shielded enemies with the correct element causes an explosion, you can take out the entire wave of shanks easily enough.

Here’s an ideal loadout:

  • Void heavy (such as the Hammerhead) for the first wave
  • Arc energy (fusion rifles, auto rifles) for the second wave
  • Solar subclass (for the third wave)
  • Use the correct weapon/ability for each successive wave

Vandals will also spawn so be sure to take them out since they can be annoying. In any case, the Underground Team should have already obtained their first charges/symbols, they’ll need to get their second. For them to do that, you’ll need to kill the second servitor that spawns. It “resets” the panels which allow the Underground Team to find their matching symbol.

Later on, once the Underground Team has obtained their second charge/symbol, they’ll need to get out of the tunnels. That means you’ll want to kill the next servitor that spawns to remove the electric barrier again.

The DPS Phase: Tanks Go Boom Boom

Destiny 2 Black Armory Scourge Of The Past Raid Guide Tank Battle


The players from the Underground Team then need to head topside to find any of the tank pylons/spawning platforms in the area. These are at the top/north area of the map, the bottom left/west area, and the bottom right/east area.

Ride those tanks and start shooting that big wreckage in the middle. Your tanks have two attacks — a cannon blast and homing missiles so make effective use of both. Also, avoid the red beams that start tracking you since the missiles will severely damage your tank. Try to move back and forth in a lane to avoid bumping into other tank drivers or getting hit by missiles. Lastly, your tank has a limited timer so once you notice its icon blinking, it’s time to hop off before it explodes.

Do as much damage as you can because you’ll need to take out at least one bar of the boss’ health per phase, otherwise you’ll wipe. With three tanks, skillful driving, and avoidance, you can take out over half of the boss’ health in one go.

After this, you’ll just need to rinse and repeat the previous steps for the Topside and Underground Teams. One more thing to note is that while all this destruction is going on, shielded shanks will continue to spawn in waves. If players forget to kill them, you might find some in the tunnels. The Underground Team should also have some Void, Arc, or Solar weapons ready in any case.

Here’s another no-commentary video from Rudex so you’ll see what the encounter is like:

Once you destroy the wreckage, you’ll get another powerful drop. Then, it’s time for the final encounter — Insurrection Prime itself.

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