Dodgy screenshots on Steam game pages need to be removed says Valve

Dodgy screenshots on Steam game pages need to be removed says Valve

With Steam about to get an overhaul in the not too distant future, developers have been given some new guidelines to adhere to.

There are two areas which involve screenshots developers must now comply with. All mature content in shots must be labeled as such by the developer. Secondly, regardless of content, all screenshots uploaded to the store section bust “actually be screenshots of your game.”

There’s now a checkbox developers have to trick to confirm the shots are suitable for all ages. Developers are also being urged to not upload concept art, pre-rendered cinematic stills, or images that contain any marketing copy.

The reason these changes are being applied is so as not to mislead customers and Valve will also be utilising shots to promote games on Steam once the Discovery 2.0 update goes live.

At least now Steam customers should actually see images of the game they are buying and not some mocked-up screenshot or cinematic image.

Here are all the details explained in full…

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • Anbear

      The steam client definitely needs an overhaul, looking forward to that.
      The artwork policy seems a bit odd though, it is usually bleeding obvious it’s not in-game anyway, and I don’t see it getting rid of tarted-up screenshots.

    • Alex Pace

      Maybe a ratio of 1:5 for artwork to screenshots. Also good to see valve owning up themselves for once.