Scribblenauts Developer 5th Cell Looks to Fig to Fund a Completely New Title

You may be familiar with 5th Cell for their creation of Scribblenauts which started on the DS, and received its latest entry back in 2013. For the past two years, 5th Cell has been somewhat quiet, and it has been somewhat curious seeing as their Scribblenauts series was largely successful and well received with its use of typed words to spawn actual objects in the games.
For those of you who were waiting on a return of 5th Cell, I have good news. 5th Cell announced that they would be turning to Fig, a new crowdfunding system exclusively for video games that we talked about previously, in order to develop their new game. They won’t just be making another title from their main series though. Instead, they’re looking to make a brand new IP.

We watched Fig’s first campaign, Outer Wilds, attract over $800,000 in potential accredited investment, and felt that of all the funding platforms, Fig’s was the perfect fit for our new IP.
– 5th Cell’s CEO and creative director Jeremiah Slaczka

After Fig’s first successful campaign, it is reasonable to see why other independent developers may be looking at the platform as a viable choice for finding funding.
5th Cell’s new project will go live on Fig on October 21st.