SCS’ Idaho for American Truck Simulator will feature historical landmarks

American Truck Simulator Idaho Historical Sign

SCS has proven itself over the years that it really likes to pay attention to details when it comes to crafting scenery for the worlds of American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2. The team is once again doing just so with the upcoming Idaho expansion for American Truck Simulator. In a recent blog post, the developers show off special red signs that will be posted throughout the new part of the map.

American Truck Simulator Idaho Oregon Trail Sign

There will be 300 of such signs stretched across ATS’ Idaho. They’re not just for show, either. Rather, they each contain a description of the historical significance of each of the sites they’re erected in front of. For instance, the one above talks about the Oregon Trail, which can be seen tapering off into the countryside.

These Historical Markers will act as a bit of an interactive side quest of sorts, as the developers invite all players to take the time out to pull off to the curbside and take a gander at each of the signs. It wouldn’t surprise me if stopping in front of each sign may actually end up being some type of Steam achievement (but that’s just speculation on my part).

SCS’ work here is actually based on a real-life endeavor that stretches all the way back to 1956 called the “Historical Marker Program”. Just like how the real-world signs preserve the history of each landmark, SCS is making sure that a similar feat is achieved in this virtual recreation of the “Gem State”.

An actual release date for Idaho has yet to be revealed, even though it was announced in late 2019. Chances are it won’t be far too long from now. In the meantime, SCS is also working on improving the newly-added FMOD support which greatly enhances the sound effects in American Truck Simulator.

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