American Truck Simulator Colorado Tease

The team over at SCS announced in late 2019 that the next state which would be added into American Truck Simulator is Idaho. That upcoming expansion has been shown off just a bit since then; a formal release date has yet to be revealed. Even so, now the team is showing what will be coming even after that.

SCS posted this sneaky little tweet on March 6:

The caption in the video states to “Get ready for a colorful ride”. Intuitive fans pointed out in the comments that between this line in the video and the description in the tweet itself, Colorado is the new state that’s being shown off in this work-in-progress teaser video.

Due to this teaser, Redditor “danbuter” but together a simple map which shows off all of the states that SCS has built into American Truck Simulator so far:

Map of current ATS from trucksim

The map legend is that the light green states are whats included in the base game. The dark green are expansions that have been released. Finally, the yellow/gold-colored states are what’s coming next.

As we can see by this map, SCS has tackled the extreme northwest and west of the country and is now focusing on moving midwest. Once Idaho and Colorado are all wrapped, the next states likely to be added in would be Montana and Wyoming. It’s currently unclear how many more states beyond those will be done before the developers decide to take on the massive task that will be Texas.

Regardless of how exactly how the game grows, it is still notable how far American Truck Simulator has come along over the years. It has been four years since release, and now it features nine out of the 50 States. That’s almost 19% of the continental USA. I specify “continental USA” because it remains a mystery if the likes of Alaska and Hawaii will ever be added in. Still, if SCS really does manage to complete every single one of the 48 continental states, that will be a feat.

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