Sea Of Thieves Ashen Winds

Microsoft looks as though it’s still very much invested in its online pirate multiplayer title, Sea of Thieves. This is mostly in part to it being developed by Rare, one of the standout Microsoft Games Studios. The latest update for the Sea of Thieves will see a slight delay in its release window. The Ashen Winds expansion was originally planned for a July 22, 2020 launch, with the game going offline for maintenance during this prep time. Rare took to its official Twitter to voice some unsettling news for ye mateys, announcing its launch would be delayed.

The most unknown-unknown

Initially, things might have looked promising for the Sea of Thieves: Ashen Winds update. The original tweet announcing the offline status of its servers was followed up hours later, notifying fans of the delay citing “technical issues.” The one standout piece to the announcement is that there’s no clear timeline as to when the launch will start to trickle out or even if it will come this month.

Troubles on the high seas

According to a report from PCGamesN, there are a number of known issues that this update might help to remedy. Rare’s separate Sea of Thieves account that’s dedicated to player support notes a few issues, including currency and Commendations not being received during the weekend of July 18-19, 2020.

There are hopes that the Ashen Winds update will remedy issues like these, moreso being that, a lot of time and effort goes into coordinating your shipmates to complete missions and quests. If those features are completely thrown out the window, that might not bode well for players who spent hours securing booty and smashing Skelly’s.

Sea of Thieves is currently for PC on Steam—as of June 3—and through the Microsoft Store. Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can download the game for free and play as long as you maintain your subscription.

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