Sea Of Thieves Season Two Barrel Emote

Sea of Thieves reveals Season Two release date and cosmetics collection

Barrels are about to become very suspiscious.
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Sea of Thieves has cruised past its third anniversary and has set a course for its next big event, Season Two. Rare has just released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season, which shows off a hoard of new swag for players to collect. There’s one particular emote that’s got pirates across the seas particularly perked up. The trailer also revealed that Sea of Thieves Season Two will begin on April 15.

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Seasons are the new content update system Rare adopted at the beginning of 2021. It replaces the old monthly update system and delivers fewer patches, but with a lot more substance. You can learn a bit more about the seasons here.


In terms of playable content, the teaser trailer doesn’t offer much. There is one shot of a galleon sailing towards a fiery skull in the sky that we’ve never seen before. It looks like a blend of Captain Flameheart and the Fort of the Damned skull.

Seas of Thieves Season Two cosmetics

If cosmetics are your thing, which I suspect they are for most Sea of Thieves players, then the Season Two trailer has a lot for you to be excited about. The very first shot is an amazing-looking boat skin, complete with devilish sails. There is also a very unique skeleton outfit.

There are a few great emotes on display. The pirates stabbing a knife between his fingers and the one juggling knives are sure to be immediate favorites. However, the real showstopper of the teaser is the hiding in the barrel emote. Crafty pirates will be able to use this to surprise enemies and steal their booty.

Regular Sea of Thieves players will be very familiar with the layout of the various ships. So, a barrel out of place will be easily noticed. However, on the islands, you’re more likely to be able to successfully ambush foes.

Sea of Thieves Season Two is also likely to include another 100 levels of free pirate booty in the seasonal pass. But, remember that many of the cosmetics on display in the trailer may only be available for purchase through the Pirate Emporium.

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