Sea Of Thieves Shrouded Islands Limited Time Adventure Feat

Sea of Thieves’ Shrouded Islands limited-time adventure sets sail today

Voyages of the damned.
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Sea of Thieves continues to expand today with the release of its limited-time Shrouded Islands adventure. That “limited-time” part is key: you only have two weeks starting from today to experience the new adventure. Two weeks may not sound like much to explore the mysterious Shrouded Islands. For a lot of Thieves players, who have spent years plundering and swashbuckling, it’s but a drop of water in the ocean. However, the adventure is set to be rewarding for the death-defiant.

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Sea of Thieves‘ Shrouded Islands appears to be pretty haunted. Granted, we’ve had spooky skeletons galore in the game for years. However, things look even spookier now. The Sea of the Damned, where the Ferryman returns dead players to the living world, seems to have sprung a leak. The realm beyond, “where memories can become real,” appears to have unleashed some horrors onto the mist-wrapped Shrouded Islands.


The rest of the world has also changed a bit. Do you recall Captain Flameheart? If you’ve played Sea of Thieves at all since late 2019, it would be impossible not to spot the giant, burning skull in the sky. Flameheart is apparently vacating the seas at the start of the new adventure. He might be tied into the story, though. Rare is dropping some hints that no one knows “what [Flameheart’s] next move might be.”

Ghost and goblins

Starting up the new adventure doesn’t sound too complicated, as per the norm. To access the Shrouded Islands adventure in Sea of Thieves, it sounds like you need to hunt down Larinna. The leader of the Bilge Rats can usually be found near a tavern, and speaking with her should get you on your way. There are also other NPC characters to take note: a Pirate Lord is said to have returned.

There’s plenty more to learn about the new Shrouded Islands adventure. Check out the trailer above, and ferry yourself over to the official page to learn more. Good luck, me hearties.

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