Sail The High Seas With Sea Of Thieves On Steam Now (1)

Dropping anchor back in 2018 on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store, Rare’s Sea of Thieves will finally venture into the high seas of Steam. This new launch on Valve’s digital storefront brings Sea of Thieves and all of its content to a new batch of pirates. While there is no big update to the game that accompanies this change, it is still awesome to see it make its way to another platform.

Humble beginnings

Despite its lukewarm reception at launch, Sea of Thieves has only gone from strength to strength. Developer Rare has supported the game steadily with more content for over two years now. This included the Ships of Fortune update in April. That brought a new Emissary system that gave players the ability to carry out diplomatic missions in Sea of Thieves.

Sail The High Seas With Sea Of Thieves On Steam Now (2)

New players can jump into that as well as the latest Lost Treasures update, which arrived on May 27. It changed up some of the story bits in the game, as well as adding Daily Bounties as a source of constant reward.

Of course, if you are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC, you will already have the game via the Microsoft Store. However, if you decide to jump over to Steam, the price of $39.99 remains the same for Sea of Thieves.

Treasures abound

Players looking for a leg up on their fellow new pirates can tune into Twitch to get some Twitch Drops. Watching partnered streamers will unlock the Mutinous Fist ship set parts, Onyx equipment, and various emotes for your own adventures.

“After linking your accounts you’ll be able to grab each day’s gear by watching a partnered streamer complete their Daily Bounty, or by simply tuning in for 30 minutes,” a tweet by Sea of Thieves explained.

It is rare for games that suffer a bad launch to keep at it and turn it around. However, whenever it happens, it is great to see developers sticking to their guns and making it work. The likes of No Man’s Sky and Sea of Thieves are great examples of hard work bringing success and more fun times for players. We look forward to seeing even more pirates join with this new Steam launch.

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