Sea of Thieves

Players who have stuck around with the high seas adventure game Sea of Thieves have been enjoying a plethora of free content this year. The executive producer of the game, Joe Neate, made a big announcement today on the game’s website regarding its future. Neate says in no uncertain terms that Sea of Thieves will not be slowing down or stopping anytime soon. However, due to the state of the world, their plans for the end of the year and leading into 2021 had to change.

Part of this means that the November Sea of Thieves update that will drop tomorrow, November 18, will focus more on quality of life improvements than new content. This will give the team at Rare sound groundwork to better implement the new content they have planned for the future. There are still events and in-game activities for players to participate in, including extending some ongoing events. For example, all of the weekly Challenges and Voyages throughout the Fate of the Damned update will remain until December 9.

The recent Sea of Thieves update from September, Vault of the Ancients, is also having new content added, and the Devil’s Roar region is now a possible Treasure Vault location. The next Gold & Glory Weekend will take place over Thanksgiving so players who go on a Treasure Vault Voyage will get double gold and reputation for all treasure handed in during the event. The Emporium update for November will also make the Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set available for anyone to buy, if you haven’t received it already by playing the new Battletoads. Two new unique pets will also be added, The Hunter’s Call Forager Parrot and Monkey. Plus Bone Crusher outfits will be available for all species, including, yes, cats and dogs.

Sea of Thieves

Avast, ye matey!

The Festival of Plenty pet outfits and musical instruments also make a return for the Thanksgiving season, and several new emotes will be made available for free for all players. Those emotes being the all-in-one Varied Weapon Pose emote, new Barrel emotes, and the Fightin’ Frogs Flex Emote. Full patch notes for this Sea of Thieves update will be available tomorrow, November 18, and you will be able to find them here. Also expect a news update for what is coming in the December update soon, as well as some hints at what will be coming to the game in 2021. You can find the whole announcement here. Sea of Thieves is available now on Steam.

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