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Although rogue-lites have become incredibly prevalent in recent years, indie developers still find new ways to take on the genre. Ship of Fools, a brand new co-op rogue-lite from developer Fika Productions, serves as a strong example of this. The game displays the action from a top-down perspective, much like other rogue-lites, but it focuses specifically on ship combat. Those of you who had the displeasure of playing the pirate level from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves, which required players to walk around a ship and man the cannons to take down enemies, will probably find the gameplay of Ship of Fools familiar. But, since this game bases itself entirely around the concept, it will likely come out much more polished.

According to a press release, Ship of Fools stars a group of seafaring fools who embark on perilous, procedurally-generated journeys across the seven seas. Along the way, they will have to deal with scores of “dangerous sea creatures and mega-goliaths” as they try and “hold back The Everlasting Storm and the impending Aquapocalypse.”


Teamwork is always key

Successfully engaging with the game’s cannon firefights requires close cooperation between both players as they make ship repairs, reload the cannons, and bat away enemies who climb on top of the boat using paddles. Between these tense firefights, players can explore islands they come across to find loot and shop for upgrades. Players can also find stranded individuals on these islands and transport them to the Great Lighthouse hub, where they can set up shop and offer even more helpful upgrades.

It looks like Ship of Fools will provide a remarkably distinct experience from other rogue-lites, and fans of the genre looking for something fresh will probably want to pick this game up. Ship of Fools is currently set to come out sometime this year.

Daniel Pinheiro
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