Seagate has come out with an interesting new internal HDD line. The Seagate Archive HDD promises a large amount of storage, but there are drawbacks.

In total, an astounding 8 TB is available, and only for $ 260, but on the flip side, the drive is slower than most.

The drive uses SMR, or shingled magnetic recording, allowing you to store more data on fewer platters. The 1 TB you usually get from conventional perpendicular magnetic recording gets expanded so that each platter stores as much as 1.33 TB.

There are other benefits to SMR as well, including lower production costs, energy consumption, noise, and vibration, as these are all consequences of the hard drive’s moving parts from speedily retrieving data, again, from conventional drives.

Archive HDD spins at 5800 RPM with 128 MB cache, at an average read/write throughput of 150MB per second. If you do get a nice and speedy SSD, this is a great choice for a bulk storage drive. You can find a local retailer in your area that sells the Archive HDD here.

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