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Diablo III‘s Season 17 went live over the weekend. In their official patch notes, Blizzard states that they made it a high priority to respond to long-standing requests from the Diablo III community. Chief among those requests is the addition of three new Torment levels (14-16).

This means more loot and more experience for players who have progressed to the highest difficulty levels. Players can also expect higher drop rates for Greater Rift Keys at the newly added Torment 14, 15, and 16.

One of the more interesting and unique changes is the addition of a search functionality for the player’s stash. This update is exclusive to PC players, and I must say, it is a welcome addition to the game. I’ve definitely found myself picking up gear that I planned to swap between characters, so having a search bar should make that much easier.

Also, seasonal players can now benefit from an extra stash tab, five in total. This is yet another good reason to allow players to search through their stash items. More tabs mean more gear, and more gear means more slaying.

Season 17 grants players the Legacy of Nightmare buff

Finally, all Diablo III seasonal players will benefit from the Legacy of Nightmare buff, which increases damage dealt by 750% for each ancient item equipped. The buff also reduces damage received by 4%.

Players already working with a Legacy of Nightmare build can use the ring slots for other items. Presumably, Blizzard is encouraging players to experiment with ancient items builds.

Blizzard states in the patch notes that they look forward to seeing what sort of unique combinations the community comes up with. It’s nice to see that sort of encouragement from a company as big as Blizzard.

Devoted players have had the chance to see many improvements to Diablo III over the years, and Blizzard has succeeded in turning the game into something that many fans still look forward to playing today. If the Diablo II Ladder is any indicator, Diablo III will likely be around for many future seasons.

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Alex has been playing video games since the 90s. He's your resident Roller Coaster Tycoon fan. You can find him on Twitter @alexzolom

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